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Morrison Studios is a professional audio engineering studio located in Boulder Creek, California.


Here are some examples of our work.

All work was performed using the original tracks/stems.

Task  Genre         Artist                 Song/Album

 R+   Hard Rock     Bumblefoot             Invisible

 +    Indie Pop     Damon Barnett          Set You Free

 +    World Rock    Envision Eden          Nature of Dreams

 +    House         Erik Albert            Good Times Come Back

 R    Hard Rock     Freund Hein            Bourbon Time

 R    Religious     Guitar Zero            Baby Steps

 R    Reggae        Hot Rain               Take A Breath

 M    Metal         Ian Michael Gudmestad  8 string 3

 R    Garage        Insignificant Figures  Dawn Of The End

 R    Pop           Josiah Mann            Angel

 +    House         Just Marino            Always

 R    Rap           Minus                  Minus Be Killing Them

 +    EDM           miss j NYce            Funhouse Dub

 +    Alt. Pop      MJ Walker              The Shift

 +    Electro Pop   Ria Rua                Asking For It

 +    Electro Pop   Ria Rua                Bad Girl

 +    Electro Pop   Ria Rua                Boss

 +    Electro Pop   Ria Rua                Breathe

 +    Electro Pop   Ria Rua                I Don't Care

 +    Electro Pop   Ria Rua                I Want You

 +    Electro Pop   Ria Rua                Red

 M+   Soundscape    Simon Morrison         Aptos Luna 9

 R    Contemporary  Speak Softly           Broken Man

 +    Synthwave     Spektor Baal           Ancient Serpents

 +    Rock          The Dangerous Idiots   I Killify You

 +    Psychedelic   Way José               Stay in the Light

 +    World Rock    WorldWide Musicians    Canyon

 +                  United (WWMU)          City Lights 

 M+   Multiple      Yonatan Pandelaki      Angstfrei

Task codes: R = Remix, M = Original Mix, + = Mastered

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