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We specialize in hybrid (analog/digital) Mastering.

Our Mastering services include:
•  e-Mastering  •  CD Mastering  •  Vinyl Mastering  •  Stem Mastering

In addition to employing traditional mastering techniques, processes and tools, we have developed our own proprietary system: 

✭ De-Constructive Mastering ✭

Our proprietary technique and process enhances songs by incorporating new tonal and harmonic content into the mastered version. The additional spectral content produces an image with increased definition, detail, presence, clarity, body, richness and impact.

The technique involves de-constructing the stereo mix into frequency "layers", analyzing the energy distribution in each layer, then (where necessary) generating additive content to balance the energy distribution. The additive content is either extrapolated from the original recording, or DSP generated. This is quite different from an EQ process, which simply adjusts the volume level of frequencies already present in the audio content.

De-Constructive Mastering is a time-intensive manual process. No templates, no automation, just meticulous attention to detail resulting in a superior master.

➔ Our mastering process also incorporates:

Noise removal
Dynamic and transient enhancement
Harmonic enhancement
EQ and tonal balancing
Stereo image enhancement
3D audio imaging
Targeted loudness levels [EBU R128 and ATSC A/85]
Our masters are fully compliant with Apple’s Mastered for iTunes specifications.

Here are some before and after examples using full-length original songs:
    Example 1       Example 2       Example 3       Example 4       Example 5

Why use us?
We treat mastering as an art form itself, not simply a function.

We don't just "master" your material, we take it to a completely different level. We unveil and accentuate important details that dramatically improve both the sonic and emotional impact of your material. Everyday mixes are transformed into superlative masters! 

To deliver the level of improvement needed to satisfy our requirements, we developed our own audio mastering process and technique, utilizing a combination of the latest audio technologies, black art, trained and discerning ears, and a passion for delivering the best possible listening experience.

Experience what great mastering can do for your music!
Client feedback
“WOW!!!”,  “This is exactly the sound I had imagined!”, “Stunning!”, 
“The improvement in my vocals is unbelievable!”, “Superb balance!”, 
“You made me cry…simply brilliant!”, “Exquisite”, “How the heck did you do that?”, “You have made my track sound like a million dollars!”, “I don't know what you've done but it feels like I can see into the mix…it’s brilliant!”, “I love how you brought the whole sound spectrum to life while staying true to the mix.”, “I really loved the textures you created. Very forthcoming, the guitars and vox really jump right off the recording. Very nice!!!”, “Perfecto!”, “I love the separation you were able to achieve - it has such a silky depth.”, “I love it!”, “There really is a nice flow in the energy - 
I’m so impressed with the guitar sound, it's really quite different what you were able to achieve.”, “I like the balance created instrumentally, I think you improved the guitar/vocal relationship.”, “Honestly, everything sounds better!”, “The difference is stunning!”, “It's perfect!”, “My jaw literally dropped...I'm sincerely impressed with the insane 3d quality your mastering got out of the material.”

How it works
Upload your stereo mix to any file exchange service, and send us the link:
Turn off any limiters, clippers, maximizers or dithering on the stereo buss when creating your final mixdown.
Please provide the highest quality version of your stereo mix. WAV or AIFF files at 24-bits are preferred. Any sample rate up to 192 kHz is acceptable.

We perform our magic then send you a download link to your new master:
We deliver masters in both 16-bit / 44.1 kHz and 24-bit / 96 kHz WAV format.
DDP Masters are packaged as a ZIP file and include integrated software for playback/verification and CD burning.

Processing Time
We will provide an estimate based on your requirements, and our work schedule.

Our typical turnaround time is two (2) business days.

Our mastering rate is [USD] $125 per song.

DDP Masters are [USD] $125 each.

Introducing Artist Choice Pricing: click here for details.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

Please contact Simon Morrison to get started:
Phone: +1 408 391 1570
E-mail: click here

Morrison Studios is a professional audio engineering studio located in Boulder Creek, California.